Thank you for visiting Lamb Informatics Limited. We offer various information technology services to our customers. In general our service to each customer is tailored to the particular needs of the customer. Following are examples of major service categories we offer.

Information Systems Administration

Information Systems Administration service is designed for small companies to solve their problems. Companies large and small can not operate without computers to manage their day to day operation. Further, our connected information age demands these computer system to be constantly connected to the Internet at large. Then regardless of the size of your business, IT systems face increasingly sophisticated threats. For a large company with own IT department, these threats can be manageable. But for small companies, such efforts are prohibitively expensive to manage in-house. Our service is the solution to such companies. We provide firewall management and server maintenance service to clients over secure VPN remote connection to lower client expense.

Information Systems Assessment

Information System Assessment service provides customer with third party examination of the IT system. It is like the IT equivalent of second opinion in healthcare. This is especially useful for customer who is deciding to go into a sizable IT project and in need of third party assessment.

Information System Security Evaluation

Information System Security Evaluation service is a specialized version of above service with strong emphasis in security. For increased demands and requirement in information security in todays threat-filled Internet environment and newly introduced government regulation, we provide independent evaluation for our customers about their information system security levels.

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development service is designed for government agencies and research institutions having particular set of requirements that can not be satisfied by generally available packaged products on the market. Our skilled engineers are ready to start to design and to develop full custom web application to meet your particular requirements.

Our staff are competent in various technologies. Programing languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MS ASP. MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server databases to mention a few.

Computing Resource Hosting

Contemporary society demands increasingly mobile and compute intensive solution to almost everything we do and things change at light speed. For a traveling researcher, the limited resource of a laptop is hardly practical platform to run highly competitive compute intensive research on the go. For a presenter, bringing massive system to the venue for impressive live demo is prohibitively costly.

Lamb Informatics Limited is currently developing a high performance computing (HPC) platform that will be placed in a data center with very high speed Internet connection. This HPC platform will be able to be accessed from a mobile computer with highly secure VPN channel from anywhere on the Internet. So that prospective clients can keep his/her computational resources at easy reach from his/her compact laptop computer, yet without massive luggage to carry around.

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